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The Troll Wizard (Tovertrol)

Stekel and LukasMagic hat in outer space

Stekel and Lukas

Stekel and Lukas

About The Troll Wizard (Tovertrol):


Author:Anne-Marie Hooyberghs Illustrator:Debbie Lavreys ISBN:978 90 5927 237 8 Publisher:De Vries - Brouwers Published on:summer 2010 Age:8 +

In this exiting adventure, Lukas and Simon must save their friends from the land of the trolls. The mean troll wizard has imprisoned the dragons Drako and Gondera and the elf Elfie in his underground dungeons. How on earth will the boys free them without the troll wizard spotting them?

Published in the following languages

  • Dutch: Tovertrol (De Vries - Brouwers)

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