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The Lost Light Stone (De verloren lichsteen)

Cover illustration

Cover illustration

About The Lost Light Stone (De verloren lichsteen):


Author:Marina Theunissen Illustrator:Debbie Lavreys ISBN:978 90 5927 177 7 Publisher:De Vries - Brouwers Published on:spring 2010 Age:9 +

Roel, a perfectly ordinary boy, is staying over with his aunt in Norway. In her villa, way up in the attic, there is a room. In that room, behind a curtain, there is a little door that leads to some caves. One day, as Roel is wandering through the caves, he bumps into an ugly, hideous troll that lives there. The troll transforms Roel into a little elf-boy...

Published in the following languages

  • Dutch: De verloren lichtsteen (De Vries - Brouwers)

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