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Little Red Riding Hood

At home with motherAt the Edge of the ForestPicking Flowers for GrandmotherAt the gate of grandmothers houseThe wolf is lying in grandma's bed

At home with mother

At home with mother

About Little Red Riding Hood:


Author:Hans Christian Andersen (edited by Clavis) Illustrator:Debbie Lavreys ISBN:978 90 448 0711 0 Publisher:Clavis Published on:June 2007 Leeftijd:5 +

Published in the following languages

  • Dutch: Roodkapje (Clavis)
  • English: Little Red Riding Hood (Clavis Publishing)
  • Portuguese: O Capuchinho Vermelho (Editora Educašao Nacional)
  • Korean: ... (Steiner Korea Ltd.)

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Little Red Riding Hood is Picking Flowers for Grandma

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