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Since the publication of my debut "Maanziek" in 2006, I've illustrated a lot of children's book and first readers books. Fly along with the little birds, watch at the animals in The Woolly Sheep and beware of the witches from the fairy tales.

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Having problems finding an appropriate greeting card in the shop around the corner? Come take a look at the greeting cards I've made, or browse through the children's books I've illustrated.

Found something you fancy on this page or another page? Then why don't you contact me and who knows, you might be showing off with you're own unique greeting card.

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Reading a book is fun, but it's even more fun if it is dressed up with some illustrations here and there.

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Everybody remembers the children's magazines and books they've read in school: Dopido, Zonnestraal, Okapi,... Meanwhile, a whole bunch of new books have hit the market, and I've illustrated some of them.

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About Illustrations:

In this part of the website, you'll find a lot of information and a bunch of illustrations from the children's books I've made. If you were looking for greeting card, then you're at the right place as well.