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First Readers

Lukas and Simon get a new neighbor: an old man named Sakkerloot. But it turns out he isn't just on old man... Sakkerloot is a mean wizard! If Lukas doesn't succeed in stealing the magic book from the fairies, his brother might end up as cat food...

Take a look at Sakkerloot.

In 'Een plek naast de sla', Fien and her mother said goodbye to Fiens father. In this new story, mother and daughter take another big step. Fiens mother falls in love, and Fien has to deal with the new situation.

Take a look at A spot next to Fien (Een plek naast Fien).

Mom points at the lettuce. "That one's yours", she says. Fien knods. She straightens her back. That lettuce is hers. She put the seed in the ground and then the lettuce came. Without her there would be no lettuce. Fien is holding hands with mom. Without mom there would be no Fien. So, if the lettuce is Fien's, then Fien is mom's. One day, Fien used to be dad's. But dad is no longer here.

Take a look at A place next to the lettuce (Een plek naast de sla).

In this exiting adventure, Lukas and Simon must save their friends from the land of the trolls. The mean troll wizard has imprisoned the dragons Drako and Gondera and the elf Elfie in his underground dungeons. How on earth will the boys free them without the troll wizard spotting them?

Take a look at The Troll Wizard (Tovertrol).

Roel, a perfectly ordinary boy, is staying over with his aunt in Norway. In her villa, way up in the attic, there is a room. In that room, behind a curtain, there is a little door that leads to some caves. One day, as Roel is wandering through the caves, he bumps into an ugly, hideous troll that lives there. The troll transforms Roel into a little elf-boy...

Take a look at The Lost Light Stone (De verloren lichsteen).

Lukas and Simon are trying to help Drako Dragonder, the dragon, return home to his parents. That's why they need to travel to the place of the gates, where they must find the gate that leads to Dragonland. But the horrible and dreadfully smelly Snoerts live in that place...

Take a look at Drako Dragonder.

This book, by DaniŽlle Vogels, is the result of interviews with over 180 Dutch and Flemish boys and girl from ages 9 to 16. They spoke about love, courting attempts, kissing,...

Take a look at Is This Love? (Is dit liefde?).

About First Readers:

Reading a book is fun, but it's even more fun if it is dressed up with some illustrations here and there.