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Drako Dragonder

A monster under the bedA giant cat!In the hand of the giantThe little elf is kidnappedFlying, on the back of a dragon

A monster under the bed

A monster under the bed

About Drako Dragonder:


Author:Anne-Marie Hooyberghs Illustrator:Debbie Lavreys ISBN:978 90 5341 574 0 Publisher:De Vries - Brouwers Published on:zomer 2009 Age:8 +

Lukas and Simon are trying to help Drako Dragonder, the dragon, return home to his parents. That's why they need to travel to the place of the gates, where they must find the gate that leads to Dragonland. But the horrible and dreadfully smelly Snoerts live in that place...

Published in the following languages

  • Dutch: De avonturen van Lukas en Simon - Drako Dragonder (De Vries - Brouwers)

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