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Children's Books

Wolf is very fond of his grandmother. He wants her to be comfortable, always. Later, in heaven as well. Mom told Wolf all the dead people and animals go to heaven. Will heaven be too crowdy for grandmother? Will she like it there?

Take a look at A cosy place in heaven (Een fijn plekje in de hemel).

Cinderellas life changes radically when her father marries for a second time. From that day on, the young girl has to tend to all the needs of her stepmother and her stepsisters. One day, the son of the king organizes a ball for all the girls in the kingdom. Cinderella would love to go, but she is't allowed to. Fortunately for her, her godmother - a kind fairy - appears...

Take a look at Cinderella.

The king and queen are very happy when they're finally having a baby. They throw a big party at their castle. They invite 12 good fairies, that all make a wish for the little princess. But then, an evil fairy appears at the party, wishing that the princess will prick herself on a spinning wheel and die. Fortunately, one of the good fairies hasn't made a wish yet...

Take a look at Sleeping Beauty.

In the forest, next to the royal castle, there is a water well. The oldest of the princesses often plays there with her golden ball. One day, the ball falls into the well. A frog offers to retrieve her ball, but only if she vows to be her friend. But as soon as she gets her hands on her ball, she forgets all about her promise... until the frog shows up at her door the next day.

Take a look at The Frog Prince.

Each and every day, Show White's stepmother looks into her magic mirror, just to hear she's the most beautiful woman. That is, until the mirror tells her Snow White is even more beautiful. She is so mad, she orders a hunter to kill the girl. But instead, the hunter lets her flee and she ends up at the house of the seven dwarfs. But then the stepmother finds out Snow White is still alive...

Take a look at Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Right next to a big garden, filled with rapunzels, lived a man and his wife. The wife was expecting a baby, and had cravings for the juicy little plants. One day, as the man was climbing over the fence to pick some rapunzels for his wife, the witch caught him redhanded. In exchange for the rapunzels, she demanded the baby. She called the baby Rapunzel, and locked her up in a big tower in the woods...

Take a look at Rapunzel.

Once upon a time there was this girl that always wore a red hood; that's why people called her Little Red Riding Hood. One day, she is walking through the forest to visit her sick grandmother. But then she bumped into the big bad wolf...

Take a look at Little Red Riding Hood.

There once was a poor girl that was wandering around town on New Year's eve. While everyone was celebrating indoors, she had to go out and sell matchsticks. The little girl was so cold, she decided to light the matchsticks, one by one.

Take a look at The Little Matchstick Girl.

This heart-warming book is packed with verses about small and big events from thoughout the year.

Take a look at Seasons (Seizoentjes).

Warm booklets full of sound, rhyme and rhytm, to let toddlers enjoy language as much as possible.

Take a look at Animal Books.

The Moon is missing or sick or something. No one can sleep, because it remains day. Perhaps songs can help. Songs, sung by the Birdie Notes. On their adventurous journey to the Moon they get aid of practically everyone. But is the Moon really sick, or is something else going on?

Take a look at Moonstruck (Maanziek).

About Children's Books:

Since the publication of my debut "Maanziek" in 2006, I've illustrated a lot of children's book and first readers books. Fly along with the little birds, watch at the animals in The Woolly Sheep and beware of the witches from the fairy tales.

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