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Een fijn plekje in de hemel translated in Chinese

Een fijn plekje in de hemel - a story by Brigitte Minne and illustrated by me - will be published in China (at Petrel Publishing House, the same company that published Een plek naast de sla).


Exposition Library Genk + travelling exhibition

The exposition "A Sea of Time" in the library of Genk, Belgium, was supposed to end on May 31st, but it's prolonged since lot's of schools still want to come and see it. At this moment, the library is working on a travelling exhibition, which will show a part of the objects, illustrations and photographs from the original exposition. This exhibiton will travel around Belgium from september to June 2014.


Opening of two exhibitions

March 3rd was a very busy day for me. In the morning there was the opening of the new permanent exhibition "De wonderkamer" in the Literair Museum in Hasselt. In the afternoon, I was present at the opening of the exhibition "Een zee van tijd" (A Sea of Time) in the library of Genk. This last expo can be visited until May 31st 2013.


Picturale 2013

There is a new edition of the Picturale in Ronse (Belgium). This year, I'll be competing with a couple of illustrations from Een fijn plekje in de hemel.



This year, some exhibitions in Hasselt and Genk will be featuring my illustrations. One is in the Literair Museum in Hasselt. A number of other illustrators will also be presented in that exhibition: Lieve Baeten, Frank Daenen, Benjamin Leroy, Kris Nauwelaerts, Wout Olaerts, Hilde Schuurmans and Leo Timmers, as are a couple of authors, such as Ina Vandewijer (she's the one who wrote the story for my first children's book Maanziek), Stefan Boonen and René Swartenbroekx. I'm also invited to cooperate in an exhibition in the library of Genk, on the occasion of the 'Jeugdboekenweek 2013'. The name of this exhibition will be "Een zee van tijd" (A Sea of Time).


Een plek naast Fien

This week, the mail man brought me a large parcel: a couple of copies of my latest first reader book Een plek naast Fien. The story, written by Aag Vernelen, is the sequel to Een plek naast de sla. In this story, Fiens mother falls in love, and it's up to Fien to accept the new boyfriend.


Amarita's juweeltjes

Starting from today, my new website Amarita's juweeltjes has been placed online. Under the alias Amarita's juweeltjes, I create handmade must-haves from wood, recycled pieces of cloth, silver-thread and remnants of yarn, spruced up with a little pearl here and a trinket there. Are you looking to smarten yourself up, then look through my romantic jewels, fairy-like brooches, earrings and rings. Every piece is unique, just like you.


Een fijn plekje in de hemel

It has taken a while, but my newest children's book has been published. This time, the author is Brigitte Minne. "Een fijn plekje in de hemel" is about Wolf, a little boy that's very fond of his grandmother. He wants her to be comfortable, always. Later, in heaven as well. Mom told Wolf all the dead people and animals go to heaven. Will heaven be too crowdy for grandmother? Will she like it there?


Een plek naast de sla in Denmark

Not so long ago, I was told "Een plek naast de sla" will be published in South-Korea... And now my publisher has contacted me to tell me it will also be publiched in Denmark!


Een plek naast de sla in South-Korea

South-Korean publishing company Hansol Education will launch a whole series of 'Learn to Read'-books from De Eenhoorn. "Een plek naast de sla", written by Aag Vernelen and illustrated by me, is also one of the books that will be published in South-Korea!

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